Raid Actions


Conducted in cooperation with China's local authorities including the State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC) and the Public Security Bureau (PSB).

  • Supply of online and offline case leads
  • Field investigation and surveillance on raid site(s)
  • Undercover employment with supplier target
  • Raid application and liaison with authorities
  • Raid site monitoring in lead up to raid
  • Raid attendance and reporting including photos and copy of seizure notice
  • Criminal action follow-ups, such as obtaining a copy of the detention certificate and court judgment
  • Gathering of upstream/downstream information
  • Litigation management or support

Civil Actions


Civil actions may be carried out by O2O BRAND PROTECTION and her legal partners following either an online or offline investigation. They may also be carried out in parallel to existing administrative and criminal actions. Each year in China, more and more civil actions result in positive outcomes for international brand owners. O2O BRAND PROTECTION offer a systematic, "check-box" approach to identifying high-quality cases and collecting evidence for civil actions. We also offer a contingency based profit sharing solution. Win or lose, our client's fees are always zero.*

  • Systematic case qualification and evidence collection
  • Real-time case updates via our online case management system
  • Profit sharing of collected damages or compensation
  • Win or lose, zero-cost solution

Net Monitoring (A)


Net Monitoring (A) removes high volumes of infringements from China's notorious online marketplaces such as Taobao and Pinduoduo, it also analyzes the manufacturers and traders who list them. This solution has proven to be highly useful to brands who also engage O2O for follow-up, offline brand protection, such as field investigation and raid actions against targets identified on the internet.

  • Focuses on China's B2B & B2C online marketplaces including Alibaba and Taobao
  • Combination human analyst/ technology solution
  • Includes product details and categorizations
  • High volume of takedowns
  • Analysis &"scoring" of manufacturers and traders
  • Interactive address maps
  • Syndicate identification
  • Monthly reporting and ROI analysis
  • Data exports or integration with client's ERP

Net Monitoring (B)


The primary objective of O2O's Net Monitoring (B) solution is to detect and remove as many standalone websites offering counterfeit goods, as possible. Especially those which are prominently indexed on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Baidu.

  • Focuses on search engines Google, Yahoo & Baidu
  • Combination human analyst/ technology solution
  • Comprehensive host, registrar and registrant info
  • Monthly reporting and ROI analysis
  • Data exports or integration with client's ERP

Social Monitoring


China's social media is widely used by counterfeiters to advertise anonymously, reach their customers directly and even receive payments. In China, services like Wechat and QQ Weibo have more than 900 million active users, and are even more pervasive than their Western equivalents like Facebook. For some brands, social media has become the greatest threat to brand protection managers. In addition to our software and Analyst team we are also The only brand protection company. to have a survey panel of 400,000 WeChat Users who can check their WeChat moments for users mentioning your brand and perform other tasks as instructed.

  • Focuses on China's social media sites including WeChat
  • Combination human analyst/ technology solution
  • Includes product details and categorizations
  • Secure storage of PDF screenshots
  • Cross-platform analytics and "social influence" scoring
  • User and account profiling
  • Monthly reporting with ROI analyses
  • Data exports or integration with client's ERP

Test Purchases


O2O's Analysts know how to deal with suppliers of counterfeit and parallel import goods. Requesting O2O to carry out a test purchase takes less than two minutes.

  • Additional supplier research
  • Relationship building with the supplier
  • Recordation of transaction
  • Full report and photo schedule
  • Warehousing of the sample
  • Forward shipping or destruction of the sample
  • Chain of custody as required
  • Available for almost any supplier in China

Supplier Reports


Supplier reports gather in-depth, open-source information about any given supplier or company in China without having to leave your office or pay for a single hour of field investigation. This is one of our most popular solutions.

  • Business registration, Director and Shareholder details
  • Web page listings and online sales channels
  • Product listing details
  • Addresses and maps
  • Syndicate overviews (i.e., Other suppliers or "targets" with links to the original)
  • Supplier trade data and export history
  • Analysis and recommendations for next-step field investigation or enforcement

Website Reports


Ideal for investigating difficult-to-trace, anonymously-operated websites, or clusters of websites, and the people or entities behind them — Leads the way for raids and civil actions, or bulk takedowns.

  • Carried out by Web Infrastructure Experts
  • Comprehensive host, registrar, and registrant information
  • Links to networked web pages and additional sales channels
  • Comprehensive backlink research and analysis
  • IP & reverse-IP address lookups

China Export Monitoring


O2O identifies anomalies and target opportunities amongst a plethora of complex international trade. Available as a one-off report or monthly program.

  • China exports matching client’s trademarks and HTS codes
  • Micro and macro shipment data including weights, values, buyer names and destination addresses
  • Visualizations of the most suspicious supplier and buyer networks
  • “Birdseye” trends, insights and analysis
  • Recommendations for follow-up field investigation and enforcement

Market and Trade Show Sweeps


O2O can dispatch up to five professionally trained field investigators (as well as local SAIC authorities, where possible) to any offline market, shopping mall, shopping district or trade show in China.

  • Methodical approach to gathering usable upstream/downstream information, and carrying out multiple seizures or C&Ds
  • Photographs and video of stores, exhibits, business cards and product catalogs
  • Pretext communication with sales reps and managers
  • Full report including a summary of events & next step recommendations
  • Cross-checking of suspicious suppliers via e-commerce and social media platforms
  • Complimentary travel assistance for clients who wish to attend the market or trade show sweep including airport pickup, accommodation & drop off*

Basic and Advanced Offline Reports


O2O puts trained field investigators out into the field, to verify addresses, and initiate relationships with suppliers and syndicates. We keep your investigation costs low while we assess the quality and potential ROI of the "target." Then once you receive our report, you can be confident in deciding your next course of action or approving ours.

  • Low-cost target evaluation
  • Multiple address verifications
  • Pretext inquiries and relationship building with the supplier
  • Photographs & multimedia
  • Written summary and recommendations from a senior investigation manager
  • 2-week turnarounds