Welcome to our technology page, where we get to share some of the cool technologies and productivity boosters that support our day to day operations in China.

Everything you see on this page has been built by O2O's development team or built upon existing, open-source data and APIs.

One of the differences between O2O and other brand protection vendors is that we are continuously improving our technology to maximize both online AND offline results for our clients.

Our technology keeps the internet clean from fakes and infringements, while simultaneously identifying the most qualified targets for follow-up field investigation and enforcement.

Web Scanning

O2O can scan up to 50,000 web pages per hour, per brand. This form of high-speed scanning is achieved by locally recreating the structure of each page, especially the heavy parts like styling, images, javascript and connections to other websites. As a result, it is only the text that is downloaded with each new page, requiring only milliseconds and a few kilobytes. In other words, we allocate our bandwidth and computing power to searching and analyzing only the most relevant data on each page. The servers that run our scanning programs can also be scaled up or down to meet demand with virtually no limit.


Also known as clusters or networks, Syndicates are groups of suppliers or entities linked to one another through matching elements such as Directors, Shareholders, telephone numbers, emails and street addresses. With the use of daily computer scripts, O2O trawls through its databases and the internet at large to identify and compile syndicates which may then be explored interactively by our Analysts. At the time of writing, O2O's database contains visualizations for more than 1,000 different syndicates in China, many of them being serious criminal enterprises. In one of our largest recorded syndicates, more than 75 registered companies including traders and manufacturers were found to be under the control of one single family. This information was used to carry out multiple criminal raid actions and seizures in cooperation with China's PSB (Police Security Bureau.)

Interactive Maps

Supplier addresses and their Google (and Baidu) map coordinates are gathered from various online and offline sources before being imported and formatted in our internal database. With user defined filters, our system can plot the whereabouts of suspicious factories and warehouses across tens of thousands of suppliers in more than 250 Chinese cities. The user can then analyze and link back to a plethora of other usable intelligence including syndicate data, product listings, and international trade data.

QILMS (Quality Investigation Leads Metric Score)

QILMS is a proprietary computer algorithm developed by O2O to crawl our databases and prioritize targets for follow-up field investigation and enforcement. QILMS works by assessing up to 150 data points per target and assigning a cumulative score to each one. Targets that are more likely to result in a positive investigation or enforcement receive higher scores and prioritization. To assign the scores, QILMS makes the same deductions as a human analyst would—answering such questions as: “Is the supplier a registered company?”, “Do they claim to have a factory?”, “What type of products do they offer (counterfeit, trademark infringement, or gray market)?”, “How many addresses do they list?” “What is the likely veracity of those addresses?”, And “How much is their registered capital?”. For groups of hundreds or thousands of targets, this type of analysis could take a human months to complete— Whereas QILMS can do it in just a few minutes.

Smartphone App for Mobile Data Input and Incident Reporting

O2O arms its field investigators with a custom-made smartphone app for uploading investigative data and multimedia, directly to our internal database and client portal. Task-specific intake forms can be customized by non-technical project managers and can include requests for photographs, video, and audio recordings, as per the unique objectives of each case. The app is especially useful for market and trade show sweeps, where it is critical that we collect clean, consistent data about numerous retailers or exhibitors.

Online Client Portal

O2O's clients have access to a free, online dashboard and client portal system; designed to track and monitor al their online monitoring results with maximum efficiency and absolute accountability. Clients see what we see; every complaint in one place, with 100% transparency. And they get real-time updates from their Analysts. They can also create customized reports and access all their important files on-the-go!