Has your brand got game?


O2O breaks down online to offline brand protection in China and talks about the importance of getting a game plan. Has your brand got game?


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Brands come in all shapes and sizes. A brand can be a global icon and sold around the world. Or it can be niche, with a local fan base.

It doesn’t matter how big your supply chain is, or who you sell to. Because any brand that sells, is eventually copied.

And beside the things we can't control; Like market downturn or new competitors; Counterfeit goods are the single biggest threat a brand must overcome.

In fact, counterfeit goods are now worth more than USD $1 trillion per year - That's equal to the sum total of all other transnational crimes combined, including drug-trafficking.

So how do we possibly defeat a problem this BIG? By thinking even BIGGER of course! And breaking down the problem into its individual parts.

To put it quite simply, counterfeiting coalesces in two forms: Online and offline. And originates mainly from one place: (China, 88%.) But even with something as unregulated as the internet, or as complex as China, there is still a solution at hand. And it's been staring us right in the face - Technology.

Technology is the key to solving counterfeit goods because it enables better decision-making. It can help us connect the dots. And it can activate our customers and colleagues. So we need technology.

We also need a game plan. In chess, your pawns attack from the front, your rooks and knights from the back. But fail to synchronize your moves and a cunning opponent will forever evade your checkmate.

The same principle applies to brand protection. Fail to deploy your online/offline stack in unison, and you will not achieve your end game.

Has your brand got game?