Our Approach to Anti-Counterfeit and Brand Protection Services

“Shanzhai”... “High-Copy”... “Original Packing”... “Fakes!”

These are just some of the words that tell you how fragile your brand can be. These words are the downside of the Chinese market, and without an effective China brand protection program, they can ruin you.

At O2O BRAND PROTECTION, we believe that the only way to prevent a future counterfeit problem, or to reverse an existing one, is zero-tolerance — A system for categorically identifying and taking action against manufacturers and distributors on every online marketplace and throughout every province, village, and town—A strategy that uses the power of word of mouth to let the fakers know that YOUR brand is watching.

Our approach cont.

... And our clients will tell you; this is what works. When counterfeiters no longer post their ads online or advertise openly on the street; when they say “We don’t sell or make THAT brand anymore. THAT brand is too dangerous!”

This is the greatest measure of success. This is how we want counterfeiters to talk about your brand.

Start making a difference today. Talk to O2O BRAND PROTECTION about protecting your brand online and offline, in China.

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