Our Story

When O2O BRAND PROTECTION's team first began working in the brand protection industry in 1999, its services were entirely offline.

Its offering was straight-up field investigation, undercover work, and raid actions in the fast growing region of Southeast Asia.

This was a time before the counterfeiters had smartened up and gone underground. There were a lot less of us brands and vendors hitting the pavement and busting open factories; but when we did, it was not uncommon to come away with millions of dollars worth of seized product and packaging.

The era of online wholesaling and "make-to-order" was yet to come, and the ability of small-medium size counterfeiters to trade in the new global marketplace was far less reaching than it is today. In short, the business of brand protection was a lot simpler.

Over a period of eight years, a series of commendable investigation in places like Singapore and Jakarta helped us earn a good reputation amongst several key brand coalitions, who supported his transition to China in 2007.

A China-subsidiary was incorporated later that year with a business scope that allowed us to conduct IP-related field investigation and enforcement.

Fast-forward to 2011 and the IP industry in China was beginning to change dramatically. Taobao had just joined the ranks of the US 'notorious markets' list for the first time; e-commerce was exploding, and brands were starting to see the downside for their IP.

While revenue loss caused by the global counterfeit trade was skyrocketing, the challenge of remedying the problem in a digitally connected world was becoming ever more complex.

Our story cont.

It was around this time that we introduced our first set of online brand protection and intelligence gathering solutions.

After so many years in the offline sector, our capacity to work backward was a significant advantage. In other words, knowing what it took to get the job done properly offline, allowed us to build a highly complimentary, online service; one that could simultaneously shut down a high volume of online infringements from China's B2B and B2C marketplaces, while at the same time, provide in-depth profiling and "target-prioritization" for the manufacturers and suppliers responsible for them.

Today, O2O BRAND PROTECTION, which was formed in 2014, is proud to provide some of the largest corporations in the world with a highly developed system for online to offline brand protection; but we also believe that we do some of our best work on behalf of our SME clients.

As we strive to standardize and improve the quality of China's IPR industry, our mission is to continue innovating at every step. However, we still know the power of action; raid and court actions. That's why we work tirelessly to develop a strong rapport amongst local law enforcement, to improve what the Chinese call "Guangxi" and to harness the power of teamwork.

By choosing O2O BRAND PROTECTION, you are engaging a trusted network of more than 2,000 IPR personnel nationwide, which we manage on your behalf, as your trusted advisor and single point of contact.

Or - if you prefer - we can carry out your services entirely in-house with our full-time team of analysts and field investigators.

Let us help you meet and beat your KPIs—This year and every year.

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